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Financial Year 2022-23 First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS)

The FHSSS allows an eligible individual to withdraw a maximum of $50,000 of voluntary contributions (plus associated earnings/less tax) from their super fund to fund the deposit of a new home.

The maximum amount of contributions that an individual can make each year that can count towards the FHSSS is $15,000 p.a. so for an individual considering saving using the FHSSS, there may still be time to make a voluntary contribution before 30 June 2023, as it now takes at least four years of voluntary contributions, to reach the $50,000 limit.

Contributions made will count towards the individuals CC or NCC cap.

Note: Before accessing benefits under the FHSSS, members need to apply to the ATO and must receive a determination letter from the ATO specifying the amount that can be released.


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