Forman Financial Services

Bringing it all together

We help you simplify complex financial decisions by bringing together some very specialised services. We strive to fully understand your unique and current situation to make the most of what you have.

Our Services

We are a boutique business specialising in advice regarding

Retirement Funding Advice

Our primary focus is working with you to establish a clear picture of what you would like to have in retirement, we then apply our knowledge and experience to come up with strategies on how to achieve it. Being qualified both as an Accountant and Financial Planner allows us to combine investment advice and tax advice. This maximises the potential for you to have a comfortable and secure retirement.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is often misunderstood. Our goal is to integrate taxation, insurance and investment advice into a comprehensive plan that helps you or your business maximise your assets to strategically reach your goals.

We help you see the whole financial picture

 Contact us for advice that will empower you with a roadmap and solutions.

Some Additional Services

Our sister company offers a range of services as seen below.

Aged Care Advice

We look at your total picture and provide you with quality advice based on our long term experience with aged care. Our aim is threefold: to simplify the aged care financial decisions for you, to maximise government support and to minimise the effect on your estate.

Special Disability Trust

Special Disability Trusts provide a financial structure to support a family member with a severe disability. They also give you peace of mind – knowing there is a plan to meet ongoing care & accommodation requirements for your loved one.

Self Managed Superfund

Superannuation is about good investment combined with tax effectiveness. Self managed super funds allow you to maximise these benefits.

SMSF - Death Benefit

There are several factors that affect death benefits, including the SIS Act, Tax Act, trust deed of the fund itself and nomination of beneficiaries. The SMSF can pay the death benefit either to those classified as the member’s dependants under the SIS Act (bypasses member’s deceased estate) or to the member’s legal personal representative (i.e. benefit becomes part of member’s deceased estate) upon their death.

SMSF - Divorce

The event of divorce will instigate a process of dividing assets in an SMSF as super is part of the marital asset base. Australian super legislation (SIS Act), tax law and family law increase the complexity of the process and it is important to plan carefully and seek advice.

Converting SMSF to Small APRA Fund (SAF)

Converting SMSF to a Small APRA Fund (SAF) can be a complex matter and needs to be executed in a particular order and defined manner. Using an expert can alleviate mistakes that could result in penalties and unnecessary tax payments.

Winding Up an SMSF

Some circumstance may trigger a want or need to wind up an SMSF. In winding up an SMSF, the trust deed should be considered carefully and there are several implications that should be accounted for to ensure the successful completion of the process. It is important to analyse the tax outcomes of the process and create a plan to minimise tax implications.