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You may ask, How do I make my wealth last?

The scariest part about retiring is knowing that once you do it, you don’t get a second chance. If you miscalculate how much you need, there usually isn’t an option to go back to work for a couple of years to make up the difference.

What is a Self Funded Retiree?

A self-funded retiree is a person who supports their own retirement WITHOUT the assistance of the government pension. Most of us would like to be in this position.

Why choose us?

Forman Financial Services has a 30-year history of making retirement incomes last.

Our primary focus is working with you to establish a clear picture of what you would like to have in retirement, we then apply our knowledge and experience to come up with strategies on how to achieve it. 

Being qualified both as an Accountant and Financial Planner allows us to combine
investment advice and tax advice. 

This maximises the potential for you to have a comfortable and
secure retirement.

Our innovative approach

We developed an innovative approach to overcome the most common issues involved in retirement funding, such as:

  1. market volatility
  2. personal risk tolerance
  3. inadequate accumulation of funds
  4. and the very real fact of longevity

Discover how our innovative approach can benefit you.

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A secure retirement is a wonderful feeling