Special Disability Trusts Case Studies

Jan increased her Carer Payment by $6500 per year

Jan already received a partial Carer Payment that helped to care for her disabled son George. Unfortunately
she only qualified for a partial Carer Payment because her investment assets were included in the Centrelink
assets test as they were in her name. The reality was that Jan relied on some of that investment income
to look after George. By creating a Special Disability Trust Jan was able to restructure her assets to place
them into the trust to be used for her son's ongoing care. This helped Jan to qualify for the full Carer Payment
and make it easier to look after George with an extra $6500 per year.

David qualified for the Age Pension using this strategy

David looked after his disabled daughter Maria and received a Carer Payment. When David turned 65 he no
longer qualified for the Carer Payment and had to apply for the Age Pension. However because his significant
superannuation balance now counted towards his asset & income test, it was not possible for him qualify for
the Age Pension. This reduced David's ability to care for his daughter. By creating a Special Disability Trust
and placing some of his superannuation money into this trust David was able to qualify for an Age Pension
and ensure his beloved daughter was well looked after.

Simon minimised a potentially high capital gains tax bill

Simon had a share portfolio which he wanted to liquidate in order to pay the increasing medical expenses
required to look after his disabled son Josh. The issue was the shares had increased substantially in value.
By simply selling his share portfolio Simon would have incurred a significant Capital Gains Tax liability which
would have reduced the money available to care for his son. Creating a Special Disability Trust and transferring
the share portfolio to it Simon was able to minimise tax and maximise the money available to care for his
son Josh.

Is a Special Disability Trust the right approach for my family?

Special Disability Trusts provide a financial structure to support a family member with a severe disability giving
you peace of mind - knowing there is a plan to meet ongoing care & accommodation requirements
for your
loved one.

Contact us to arrange an appointment today. We provide clients with a face to face meeting at our office in
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*Please note the benefits of Special Disability Trusts will be limited by rates and thresholds and therefore
may not be suitable for all individuals.

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