Aged Care Financial Advice Case Studies

Frances made the decision to sell her family home when entering an aged care facility

As Frances was about to enter an aged care facility she was considering selling her home to pay for the aged care facility. Her family believed that this was the only option available to them. After receiving a financial consultation they realised there were a few alternatives including keeping the home long term or at least for a few more years in order to obtain a higher price in a stronger property market. A financial modelling report and explanation of the options helped Frances and her family understand the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario. This gave Frances and her family the opportunity to make the right decision for their circumstances which resulted in her saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Andrew minimised ongoing aged care fees using this strategy

When Andrew's health started to deteriorate he realised he would be likely to enter an aged care facility within the coming year as he would no longer be able to look after himself. After receiving a consultation on how best to manage his financial affairs he was in a better position to understand his financial options. By the time he was assessed by ACAT (the government body responsible for aged care placement assessment) Andrew managed to be assessed for lower ongoing fees which will save him and his family thousands of dollars over the years ahead.

How can Forman Financial Services help you with aged care financial advice?

We look at your total picture and provide you with quality advice based on our long term experience with aged care. Our aim is threefold: to simplify the aged care financial decisions for you, to maximise government support and to minimise the effect on your estate.

Contact us to arrange an appointment today. We provide clients with a face to face meeting at our office in
Bondi Junction or via Skype for your convenience.

*Please note our advice is based on your individual circumstances.

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